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Asaad is Partner at the Elah Fund. Asaad was on the Elah Fund I Advisory Counsel and a Limited Partner in Fund I. Previously, he was Head of Business Development (EMEA) at Zipline, the autonomous UAV logistics “unicorn” company. He was Founding CEO of Albatross Power Ltd, a development company for complex energy projects in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan. Asaad was with the Israel Corporation Group, Israel's largest holding company, where he served as Corporate Secretary for IC Power and VP of OPC Energy, the leading private power generation company in Israel. Asaad also previously served as a board member at Israel Electric Company and at Inbal, the Israeli Government’s Insurance Company.

Asaad is a leading advocate for the integration of the Arab minority in the Israeli economy. He is a member of the World Economic Forum's “Breaking the Impasse” Group and a Founding Board Member of Kav Mashve, the leading NGO promoting integration of Arab professionals in the Israeli private sector. He serves as a member of the Maala Business Diversity Award Committee, a mentor in the Co-Impact inclusion initiative, and a Community Leader at Yad B’Yad, the bilingual schools network.

He holds an LLB from the College of Management, LLM from Tel Aviv University, and an EMBA from Kellogg School of Business.