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Big things often have small beginnings.

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The Elah Fund taps into the best of the Israeli ecosystem.


Passionate entrepreneurs and inventors with experience, discipline and agility. 

Partners committed to building exceptional businesses with strong fundamentals, positive gross margins, and returns-linked ESG best practices.

Tangible, sustainable products differentiated by a technological edge.

Companies at an inflection point, on the path to transform and dominate global markets. 

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What we look for
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Civan is the 1st and only company in the world to produce next generation lasers implementing Coherent Beam Combining (CBC) and Optical Phase Array (OPA). These disruptive technologies are paradigm-changing – and make   previously impossible applications and results a reality.

TripleW upcycles food waste into high-value bioplastic.

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Chakratec’s sustainable, cost-effective kinetic energy storage technology enables a wide range of grid edge applications from high-power EV fast-charging through peak shaving grid stabilization and beyond.

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Autonomous Pivot transforms center-pivot irrigation systems into an intelligent, AI-driven robotic platform that can improve farming returns. Proprietary, non-invasive sensors and cameras provide growers with a complete, yet affordable, solution that autonomously maximizes crop yields while saving on water, fertigation  and other inputs.

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TripleW produces highly pure lactic acid by fermentation, made entirely from renewable carbon.  Lactic acid is the building block for PLA production and also can be used in multiple applications including food and beverages, personal care, and industrial sanitation and descaling products.

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ECOncrete offers a suite of high performance environmentally sensitive concrete solutions that enhance the biological and ecological value of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure while increasing their strength and durability.

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myAir is a data-driven smart-food company, offering a personalized plant-based nutrition bars to deal with chronic stress. myAir uses machine learning technology to harness psychological deep profiling with physiological markers tailored to each user's unique profile and cognitive needs.

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Netzer’s revolutionary electric encoders are used in various applications starting from industrial automation and robotics, through avionic and space.

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ZutaCore is transforming the economics of high-density computing, reducing capital and operating costs while improving performance, energy consumption and utilization of space. ZutaCore triples processing capacity using 50 percent less energy and half the space of conventional cooling systems.

Elah Fund 1 Portfolio
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