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Lew Ranieri

Advisory Counsel

Lew has been an Elah Fund Advisor and LP since its origin. He brings decades of illustrious deal making and investing experience to the Elah team.

Lew is Founder and Chairman of Ranieri Solutions LLC which is focused on financial services and the use of cognitive technologies. He serves as Chairman and Senior Managing Partner of Ranieri Partners LLC, an advisor and manager of private investments. He was Vice Chairman of Salomon Brothers, Inc. and is generally considered to be the “father” of the securitized mortgage market. Lew helped develop the capital markets as a source of funds for housing and commercial real estate, established Salomon’s leadership position in the mortgage-backed securities area, and also led the effort to obtain federal legislation to support and build the market.  In November 2004, BusinessWeek magazine named him one of “the greatest innovators of the past 75 years,” and in 2005, he received the Distinguished Industry Service Award from the American Securitization Forum. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Northwell Health Medical Center and is active in the charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre.

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